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Sep , wall mural Timothy Corrigan Tented room with colorful fabric classical library designed by timothy corrigan Classical walls have so many possibilities Using molding to create a grid, panels and symmetrical designs are the beginning of turning the modern intrusion, drywall, into beautiful walls.

Sep , Wall trim is a strong visual signal, conveying the architectural style of a room in a glance Panel molding and chair rails are most closely associated with traditional homes, but wood trim in geometric and repetitive shapes can easily look modern Use one of these ideas as an inexpensive way to transform

Jul , This black damask wallpaper would be a great way to add a Victorian Gothic feel to a modern home Dark, rich wood panels covered walls, brick and stone were used for walls and in ornate trim elements (you can read below about Boss architecture Molding is everywhere in a Victorian Gothic home.

May , Vulnerability to mold was the result, and this is something that still plagues houses of more recent vintage that aspired to be more air tight A new and popular product now in the mix is Huber s Zip wall sheathing, which is like a wall sheathing panel with a housewrap built in All the joints are taped with this

Apr , The FRP panels were manufactured by molding together thin layers of reinforcement and an aggregate that includes sand quarried from Monterey Bay These were mounted to standard curtain wall panels, providing the precision and quality control of factory assembly and the desired weatherproofing and

Just like the s paneling looks great on a mid century modern house, but it got terribly dated in my parents s Colonial It is pretty now But I would caution people to use it very sparingly like on an island, or one wall of a bathroom or bedroom like in my grandmother s house Wall to wall is just silly, and any fade this

Nov , selecting a wall panel fabricated of a solid, autoclaved aerated, concrete, where said wall panel has a predetermined thickness and a width of at least five This mixture expands dramatically, and this foamed concrete is allowed to harden in a mold, and cure in a pressurized steam chamber, or autoclave.

From the moment that ceramic subway tiles made their debut in New York City s subterranean train stations in the early s, they captured the public s imagination and quickly moved The field should be finished with mold inhibiting caulk wherever tile meets adjacent surfaces, such as walls, tubs, counters, or cabinets.

Sep , Whether stained or painted these examples of new traditional wood panels feel fresh Repetition, geometry and modern paint selection help bring these rooms out of the th century and into today Many of the examples above use low profile molding to create details on the wall that blend seamlessly with

Apr , Ceilings afford great scope for decoration, yet it seems a strange defect in our modern method of decoration, that in many mansions the walls of the using molding or beams in combination with ornamentation ceiling design with molding ceiling design with beams ceiling design Ceiling Tile ceiling tiles.

Jan , Contemporary Bathroom by Flüff Designs Flüff Designs If you re not a fan of grout, you can always just go with solid marble slabs I would advise against this approach if you are attempting to appear sensitive to the economic times Are you ready to say goodbye to your accent walls and crown molding

The Effektiv is long and our back wall measures Three Effektiv panels turned out to be a perfect fit when we left approximately . gap in between the panels The gap is hardly noticeable as we applied the clear silicone all around the edges to seal it and fill in any gaps As for the side wall, the Inreda is only

Jul , Of the houses that stood, many still had to be bulldozed due to mold within the walls But one For any organization that needs to change out their technology fairly often, such as a hospital, the panels can be reconfigured to accommodate updated monitors, new equipment, or extra storage There are

Jan , How to dress up hollow flat doors with moulding panels This is an easy DIY project To trim the panel, measure and cut your trim molding to fit around the panel How to Add Panels to Flat his fist through them Can I cover the holes with patches, like the ones used on walls, then cover with bead board

Jan , Three panel doors blend very well with other rich architectural details In this bathroom a three panel door complements a tall baseboard and crown molding Contemporary Bathroom by Avonlea Homes Avonlea Homes Not to be taken too seriously, a three paneler can work wonderfully in robin s egg blue

Jan , A two piece molded fiberglass shower unit includes a square base having a vertical peripheral ridge extending along three sides of the base and a single piece said unitary wall section including first and second flanges extending forward from said first and second wall panels, respectively, for effecting

Jun , Q Help! I have painted dining room wall panels with a raised, textured pattern The paint that covers them is awful and has to go I cannot tell what the panels are, and whether I should try to floor them or have them removed to put something else in their place I did strip a little paint from one corner it