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, Scale shingles are by no means a radical new concept in architecture design, they bring pure geometry, D texture repetition to the mix Fluid and sinuous forms, contemporary rustic aesthetic and seamless use of shingle tiles on walls and ceilings make for one seriously unconventional looking

, A San Francisco couple replace an old parking space with a barefoot friendly outdoor retreat for eating, entertaining and play For this somewhat shady, protected site, she chose a mix of textures and structures that would look good year round You can have your layering of textures and colors, she says

, Painting tiles is easy as long as you use the correct products In this video we clean the tiles using methylated spirits, then paint the tiles using Zinsser Hi, bit off topic but is it possible to paint outside house wall hung tiles It s on a s style house and I believe they re concrete Red in colour Thanks..

, Painting tiles is easy as long as you use the correct products In this video we clean the tiles using methylated spirits, then paint the tiles using Zinsser plus After this has dried two coats of Zinsser Perma White are applied with drying time allowed before each coat Brought to you by

, It s easy to translate them, too, through organic textures, nature led palettes and motifs, and light enhancing strategies All over white paint has a summery vibe in a room that gets plenty of light, and rather than pale tiles, as seen here, which could be a bit chilly in cooler climates, you could paint

, Metal Okey Tile Based Game The Metal Okey, different than the traditional okey sets which are made of wood, lets you feel the weight of the tiles The tiles can also be stored inside the boards Standard okey tiles can also be used with it.

, New or old, horizontal or vertical, indoors or outdoors, the possibilities of concrete go far beyond the familiar gray slab to almost any texture, shape, pattern Imprinting is popular for creating the look of bricks, tiles or stones, but it also can be used to create more whimsical designs dinosaur footprints or a

, The couple brought in landscape designer Elizabeth Przygoda Montgomery to help them reimagine the outdoor space What is now the front courtyard was once was a driveway and parking lot, the designer says Guests would literally pull up to the front door, and you looked out from the kitchen window

, This San Francisco home has lights tucked into each step all the way up to the front door showing guests where to go after parking in the driveway Midcentury Exterior by place architecture design place architecture design Tuck Lights Out of Sight The designer of this Baltimore area home chose to

With this custom built underground parking dock system you can keep your expensive cars hidden from thieves, save space in your driveway, and protect your cars from the harsh outdoor elements that will wear down that fresh exterior ,. Check it out Save

, In town living is something that I do not know much about, because I ve always been an OTP (outside the perimeter) girl, but I love seeing how houses near downtown Atlanta have been renovated to make them work on smaller lots without a lot of parking options Buck s house is the cutest thing I ve ever

, While these elements are especially good for deep plans, where the center of a large space is far removed from an exterior wall, I m interested in what they compound in California, designed by WA Design, is broken up into separate volumes one for living, one for sleeping and one for parking the cars.

, An old commercial building in Cincinnati gets new life with industrial textures, thoughtful lighting and a clever plan Plaster walls didn t add much character, and the floors were a wreck that no tile or hardwood installer dared touch because movement between the concrete and wood beneath it was

, This gorgeous bathroom combines rich tropical wood with different textures of grey stone to create a warm, soothing ambiance The shower floor and backsplash is lined with Ostrich Grey Quartzite tiles from India which are durable, water resistant and easy to clean, making this shower hassle free as well

, Next, if CPU rendering is enabled, the nine tiles marked as having their compositing operations complete are rendered Next, any tiles still being composited or outside of the compositing area are rendered using the compositing shader on the GPU After all the tiles are submitted for rendering the function

, The floor tile of claim , wherein the flooring surface defines a textured, non slip surface The preferred flooring system is preferably an independently powered, standalone flooring system that is disconnected from any external electrical or chemical power source and instead harvests energy from

, A fourth satellite building, clearly a renovated motel, is located two blocks away, and is so removed from the rest of the complex that it s been marketed as the Santa Barbara House and offered at a discount rate with free onsite parking (since you d practically need a cab to get there from the lobby anyway).

, The overlapping volumes that comprise this family house outside Barcelona were designed by Spanish studio Mirag with clean white exteriors and bare concrete interiors Lighting sits within recesses between the floors and ceilings, while shimmering glazed tiles add texture to surfaces in the bathrooms.

, If your garage is the first thing visitors see, take advantage of it Position bold house numbers or a custom address sign like this one right on your garage The designers who crafted this address used marine grade wood, which can withstand the elements Industrial Exterior by Andrew Snow Photography.

, Modern Exterior by John Hill John Hill This view says a lot about the planning of the new development, as well as a little bit about the units themselves In the foreground we can see a small concrete pavilion of sorts it is actually an entrance to the below grade parking garage, a common element in each

, Sweeping meadows surround the exterior of this contemporary home in Hudson, New York The landscape Morning Light Chinese silvergrass (Miscanthus sinensis Morning Light , USDA zones to find your zone), the tallest, acts as a shimmering screen for the gravel parking lot Variegated Ice

, It can occur very soon after exposure to moist or cool conditions or more gradually in sub grade concrete installations (like a subterranean parking garage) Powdery efflorescence is common on unsealed exterior tile walks, unsealed interior tiles in damp or wet locations, and will often be seen when newly

, Trade weedy dirt and trash for a parking strip filled with wispy grasses, low growing flowers and textural trees That patch of real estate between the sidewalk and the curb, also known as a parking strip, is often a catchall for patchy grass, weeds and trash Transitional Exterior by Eric Aust Architect.

, A bar in the parking area functions as a complement to the main building, allowing the creation of everyday visits to the park by the visitors of the surrounding areas The exterior mass protects the activities that take place inside, and its geometry and exterior topographic texture contrasts with the clarity and

, Includes a variety of textures Every surface in a country kitchen might be different, but all elements are coordinated to work together Marble countertops look great with reclaimed wood Shiny ceramic tile offers a nice contrast to painted cabinets Shaker or flat panel cabinet fronts Traditional Shaker

, Cor Ten steel planter beds are having their moment in the garden, but for such a popular feature, a lot of questions still linger Are they safe for edibles What about rust stains What else can you make with Cor Ten There are a number of things to consider if you re interested in adding Cor Ten raised

, Rooms facing the outdoor spaces are lined with glazing, while the east side of the building is predominantly windowless to prevent overlooking from an adjacent apartment block A variety of cladding materials including wood and stone textured tiles are used to distinguish the different levels and features of