internal composite hollow floors

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, At least one transverse reinforcing bar of slab is arranged through the opening perpendicular to the asymmetric I section steel An upper concrete slab is poured with the concrete to be formed at a predetermined thickness The concrete fills in a second space defined by the C section steel members and the

, For absorbing blast energy in a composite block and reinforced concrete wall construction, a hollow block formed of a mixture of mineralized wood as internal double walls in existing buildings, thus making it possible to provide blast shelters in every apartment on every floor by merely constructing such a

, The invention presents a technique to development of plane hollow reinforced concrete floor slabs with two dimensional structure lower mesh (), the upper and lower meshes (,) and the hollow bodies () being embedded in concrete with the hollow bodies defining internal cavities, characterized by.

, In some applications it may even be necessary that the product meets the quality levels set for the application to function interior zone first interface second interface thickness of the composite structure mould hollow interior composite structure sound wave.

, The core ensures this rigidity and eliminates voids in the wall structure so that the composite panel is compatible with concrete walls and floors or other conventional construction materials The melamine finish member , however, adds the necessary hardness and durability at the playing surface

, Composite panels are widely used as flooring, walls and partition materials in the construction of airplanes due to such composite panels lightness of weight and bending Elimination of hollow spaces within the honeycomb core also reduces the chances of moisture accumulation and internal corrosion.

, Composite vehicle body having sandwich panels integrally formed with frame parts to form individual body modules which are connected to other body The vehicle body recited in claim , wherein the peripheral support frame parts comprise hollow section parts slidable one into the other with precise fit.

, A heat exchange and ventilation system integrated with a hollow core concrete floor having an air passage therethrough with an inlet and outlet for receiving air and permitting relative heat exchange therebetween a raised floor supported by said hollow core concrete floor, defining a floor plenum between

, The present disclosure is to a composite matrix, including polymer composite laminates, having a plurality of hollow repair conduits dispersed therein, survive subsequent high temperatures, and in some embodiments, moisture (e.g liquid water) at the surface and or internally in the composite In some

, A modular housing construciton consists of pre cast concrete footer foundation components modular floor panel elements interior exterior modular wall panel units and a roof The floor panel elements, wall panel units, and foundation components have preformed wedge lock receiving openings and the

It has been proposed heretofore to provide concrete slabs with hollow metallic reinforcing elements, which because of their shape will displace some of the concrete, but is a fragmentary perspective view of a concrete slab formed in accordance with the invention with the concrete cut away to show the internal structure .

, The composite aircraft panel manufacturing assembly of claim , wherein the fabric forms a tube contacting the interior surface of the stiffener and the skin between is a partially schematic isometric view of a barrel section manufacturing system arranged on a factory floor in accordance with an

, Method for fabricating an advanced composite aerostructure article having an integral co cured fly away hollow mandrel US B Abstract An article Manufacturing flow time is very long, energy use is high and the manufacturing floor space required is excessive The co curing method envisions

, The machine comprises a frame adapted to rest on a floor or similar surface An elongated, hollow longitudinal mandrel is substantially coextensive with the length of the frame Strands of fiber known as rovings are disposed upon and pulled along the mandrel, forming alternating longitudinal and radial

, A modular wet room for rail vehicles is provided The wet room includes floor elements, wall elements and ceiling elements composed of core composite material and connected among each other using connection profiles Supply and discharge lines run along reinforcement profiles integrated into the

, A precast concrete building unit of half room configuration with a floor or ceiling defining web portion and opposite half wall defining flange portions is A precast building unit as in claim , wherein said flanges are formed with hollow cores running vertically therethrough, said cores being dimensioned,

, A composite structural member comprising a self supporting, hollow prefabricated outer tubular shell comprising reinforcing fibers in a hardened polymer Pre stressing the reinforcement bars or providing internal support such as post tensioning cables rods can increase the nominal elastic strength of the

, Improved composite armor designs use optimally shaped ceramic pellets and a web system for patterning the pellets, improving manufacturability, and providing additional structural reinforcement The result is lightweight, composite hybrid structures for ballistic protection particularly suited to tactical

Thereafter, solvent is lost by diifusion through the skin and a particle is formed having a hollow interior filled with solvent vapor After the particle is cooled upon emerging from the drying chamber, the solvent vapor within condenses and the pressure within the particle is reduced to the vapor pressure of the solvent at room

, An exterior ply is disposed transversely of and superimposed upon the interior ply to provide the cantilever spring hinge line The composite cantilever spring can be constructed to deflect about either a straight or curved hinge line A preferred tubular form of the coupling structure comprises at least one end

, A reinforced shrinkage compensating concrete slab has a major outer and inner faces defining a slab thickness and a centroid portion surrounded by a act as an internally developed tension ring said first plurality of reinforcing bars aligned in a first substantially parallel and perpendicular aligned array

, A method of constructing a composite structure comprises the steps of (i) attaching light gauge sheeting to a plurality of joists that have been sufficiently closely spaced so that the sheeting is able to support a cementitious slab that has formed a composite structure with the sheeting and joists (ii) forming the

Mar , Composite grid frame structures are constructed from grid elements arranged in a grid pattern and bonded together by a vacuum infiltration Note that the filler material may be permanent, i.e it may be intentionally left in the interior of the grid elements to act, for example, as a sound or heat insulator.