eco friendly outdoor panels

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Apr , Wondering how to dress up your walls Here is a modern, eco friendly solution innovative D Wall Deco Panels that actually make your walls pop out Walls can be dressed up in a wide range of patterns, depending on the vibe you want to get Eco D Wall Deco Panels give an extra dimension to your

Amazing Eco friendly Home with Infinity Pool Photovoltaic panels cover the roof in two sections and rainwater is collected and stored in three dry wells Reclaimed Although the pool faces out to the stunning views, just to the left of the lounge area is a large expanse of grass, creating the perfect place for outdoor games.

Dec , To make the renovation eco friendly, AB used post consumer recycled refrigerant panels along with passive heating and cooling systems to help make climate Alternating between indoor and outdoor spaces, the Monument Channel home creates a serene respite that harmonizes with the landscape.

Jun , Luckily, visitors need not fret when they dine because Chicago has many eco friendly restaurants I ll highlight some of my favorite green restaurants music, both from local artists and national acts Solar panels on the roof and an interior d├ęcor made from recycled materials makes this a green must see.

Oct , An eco friendly ranch in California promotes sustainable farming and living in a cozy environment How do you imagine Landscaping by Lutsko Associates shaped outdoor living areas where native plants thrive, while interiors by Erin Martin Design express a close connection to the outdoors The owners

Oct , Eco friendly house illustration (Credit Getty Images) Developers are getting ready to cut the cord on electricity, and a battery may take its place, according to the Wall Street Journal Homes are incorporating batteries that resemble modern versions of outdoor neighborhood junction boxes, but these can be

Jun , With this in mind, we ve rounded up the most innovative, interesting eco friendly lamps that bathe your home in low energy light read on for our The pared down light improves upon conventional task lamps with a dual panel design that can be easily adjusted to suit a wide range of lighting needs.

Sep , Here are the best environmentally friendly surrounds for your bathtub and shower The last of the stated advantages is mainly due to the fact that a single large glass panel is a uniform surface without any joints Custom printed glass As its name implies, a graphic image is placed on the backside of the

Jul , The rooms of the house converge and a tiered passageway emerges, momentarily eliminating the perception of the borders existing between indoor and outdoor spaces Tropical Eco Friendly House by Alberto Zavala Arquitectos The natural elements as well as those of the area are optimally used in

May , The EcoKiosk is a self contained stall for street vendors that relies on clean, renewable energy and Earth friendly components to make street vending greener than ever From its The solar panels can provide power for up to ten hours, allowing the kiosk to be fully operational even after the sun goes down.

Apr , Everyone would like to be eco friendly, but the costs and efforts of doing so make it easier said than done one such example is the hassle of having to rip up an existing roof to make room for heavy duty solar panels In response to this setback, Tesla continues its venture into solar power, this time

Jun , And while we d love to show you all the solar panels, sustainable wood flooring, and environmental technologies these celebs have installed, most of to a green lifestyle on Living with Ed, where their eco friendly home includes a picket fence made of recycled milk jugs, a solar powered outdoor oven,

Nov , Since New Waves D Wall Panels are made of bagasse, the fibrous residue of sugarcane, they are remarkably eco friendly Sugarcane is a rapidly renewable resourceit can be harvested three times a yearas well as organic, therefore compostable and biodegradable New Waves panels by

May , Popular outdoor brand Patagonia isn t just known for their durable outerwear they re also a major proponent of the Go Green movement IKEA is working towards renewable energy through their wind farms and solar panels as well as sourcing wood from more sustainable locations, and have

Kate Wilson writes about the eco friendly benefits of having a body of water on your property and how to maintain it Water hyacinth, for example, is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space however, it can make its way into the local water system and completely take over, pushing out native species and reducing

Nov , At this point, roughly percent of outdoor lighting is illuminated with LED bulbs The benefits of switching over to this green technology are multifold First, LED bulbs can utilize up to percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs Obviously, lighting the streets at a fraction of the power is a

Aug , Although fossil fuel companies want you to believe otherwise, solar energy is the only sustainable, eco friendly and inexhaustible source of clean energy Solar power is the way of the future, as it will allow the Earth s population to thrive under an unlimited supply of energy, decrease energy expenses, and

May , For example, headboards used for its beds at one hotel are covered in vintage loden canvas made from recycled Army ponchos, while mattresses are percent organic Joie de Vivre s Hotel Carlton in San Francisco has also installed solar panels that produce an estimated percent of its energy use.

Aug , If you re looking for a quiet backyard refuge that offers more than your typical square shed, Podzook has you covered Podzook s fun prefabricated pods are the perfect office or play space addition to any backyard garden Even better, the bespoke spherical buildings are made with eco friendly materials like

Jun , Designers and architects John Maienza and Gregg Wilson camouflaged the ecofriendly features with a high end design Thanks to solar panels and energy saving systems, this house can produce as much electricity as it consumes I don t think you have to make design compromises in a sustainable

Solar power No matter what type of eco friendly structure you will be erecting in the future or how your existing house is built, installing solar panels is possible Solar powered outdoor lights If you live in an area that gets a lot of sunlight during the day, then solar powered outdoor lamps could help you reduce your energy