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Oct , A big home improvement chainstore here is already selling their crap with a for the makers tagline and images of bearded hipsters Before long Drilling holes in the heavy wood rafters, then bolting down clear corrugated plastic panels as the roof, with proper plastic washers and bolt covers and things.

Sep , The gate, shown here after the plants filled in more, consists of a steel frame and heavy duty wire mesh panels, anchored with redwood posts The mesh In the center of the edible garden, Joyce and Brennan added a seating area under a redwood shade pergola covered by fragrant honeysuckle vines.

Jun , For example, I found multiple Panasonic models rated up to degrees Fahrenheit (C) and multiple Samsung and LG models rated up to F (C) However, I still wouldn t leave them outside All are clear in their inability to handle condensation Condensation will happen if you cover the TV or not.

Mar , A skylight embedded in the steeply sloped roof illuminates a stairwell that is positioned along the party wall, while further glazed roof panels enable daylight to reach a small bathroom at the front of the house and a Basement floor plan click for larger image The Tailored House by Liddicoat Goldhill

Jul , Photos by Casey Dunn Houzz at a Glance The three sets of French doors on the right underneath the pergola lead to the family room The south facing A four poster bed with drapes lends farmhouse nostalgia, while tongue and groove panels in the high ceiling bring farmhouse texture A tufted bench

Jun , House in Vietnam by astudio where plants and vines climb up over a gridded facade of metal beams and panels Colourful ceramic tiles cover every inch of the floor and also extend out beyond the shelter of the roof A kitchen Ground floor plan click for larger image and key The Nest by astudio

Aug , Pictured below is an x Aluminum patio cover with three fan beams in the roof panels It s Ivory (hard to tell with the low quality image) with dark bronze trim We got this job from a referral of another customer [caption id= attachment_ align= alignnone

Dec , More images and architects description after the break The scheme at ground level could be read as continuous strip that binds the campus into a single entity united by a clear landscape enriched by the loose The three northwest and southern west cluster are united loosely through an open pergola.

Nov , This bioclimatic house in France features a timber frame, larch and composite timber cladding, and a planted roof Adjoining the building s west facade is a garage covered in black composite timber panels that extends to create a canopy above the entrance to the Site plan click for larger image.

To ensure a strong, sturdy structure, the Atlas Gazebo features mm x mm uprights, coupled with a mm tongue and groove roof Jamie has decided to add three wall panels, providing further protection from the elements Every single piece of timber used in the construction is pressure treated to ensure it is free from

Mar , Update I am an idiot and what I first referred to as stained glass turned out to be plastic, see how we updated the door with beveled glass door panels here Update We painted the front door Martha Stewart Blue Suede, see all of the details here There are all kinds of fun Key West front door inspiration pics

Panels of tempered glass (or a tough plastic) mounted on a rustproof aluminum frame fill garages with light Accessories Pergola garage accessory pergola View as slideshow This classic structure shades the doors while providing support for a handsome garland of clambering vines, like clematis and honeysuckle.

Apr , It s clear that Gary Brewer, a partner at Robert A.M Stern Architects, wanted to employ the language of high style classical architecture, such as classical columns and pilasters Millwork E.F San Juan window mullions and panels Pine Forest , Benjamin Moore roof copper photos Peter Aaron

Sep , The building is divided into two timber clad volumes, connected by a bridging stairway covered with zinc panels Landscaped gardens woven around the building are shaded by screens and pergolas where required to create a sequence of distinct spaces with varying Section click for larger image.

Jun , So, I did some research with a little help from Pinterest, and found a porch that had a roof made from clear acrylic panels Viola! He loved the When I first saw pictures of Linda s porch, the first thing I thought of was a conservatory with its big beautiful windows and see through ceiling Season Room

Oct , The gazebo is a very common structure in outdoor spaces, one that is often confused with pergolas as well, these are enclosed structures that unlike pergola have a closed roof The construction uses a hexagonal or round blueprint raised from the floor level to protect the users from humidity in the rainy

Nov , Contemporary Patio by Gregory Phillips Architects Gregory Phillips Architects Wall washing Wall washing, also called grazing, is the The image here shows shrubs and trees casting their shadows on the wall behind them The lights are on the ground within the planting bed and pointed upward into the

May , A structure, such as for a full size stadium roof, which has a retractable central portion capable of opening up about one half of the total roof area Two retractable roof panels, rectangular in plan, cover an area that can be larger than a football field, and move in the direction of the main axis of the stadium.

Mar , Here s a house much fancier than mine, showing off its metal roof (image credit Metal Sales Inc) General Awesomeness and Metal roofing components are extremely simple Sheets of galvanized steel get rolled through a shaping machine, cut to length, and optionally painted Some roofing companies

Aug , With almost everything visible from the living area, it was important to the young architects that clear patterns and aesthetic rhythms be carried throughout and the home has a composting toilet and is wired for solar power, though it s currently running on A C (Solar panels are next on the couple s wish list.)

The creation of a number of images and objects that all deal with fundamental processes discussion, delay, negotiation, routine and ambience rather than technological Parts of this provisional pergola are filled with bright colours The third woman seems to have no clear job and no obvious social obligations.