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Dec , Thickness of Hydroxyapatite Nanocrystal Controls Mechanical Properties of the Collagen Hydroxyapatite Interface of the collagen hydroxyapatite composite, agreeing well with experimental observations that consistently show the existence of extremely thin mineral flakes in various types of bones.

Jun , Seven types of well defined hollow nanoparticles are studied with their radii ranging from to nm and shell thickness ranging from to nm Size Dependent Mechanical Properties of Monolayer Densely Arranged Polystyrene Nanospheres Composite Structures ,

Mar , Here, a new layer by layer deposition method is put forward for preparing CNT polymer composite fibers using poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) as an exemplary polymer Photoacoustic effect on the electrical and mechanical properties of polymer infiltrated carbon nanotube fiber graphene oxide composites.

Jul , The goal of this study was optimization of the mechanical properties of synthetic spider silk thin films made from synthetic forms of MaSp and MaSp, which E Spun Composite Fibers of Collagen and Dragline Silk Protein Fiber Mechanics, Biocompatibility, and Application in Stem Cell Differentiation.

Jan , Delivery of Growth Factors Using a Smart Porous Nanocomposite Scaffold to Repair a Mandibular Bone Defect Framework within a Lyophilized Porous Gelatin Scaffold Using Dexamethasone Loaded Functionalized Whatman Paper To Reinforce Its Mechanical Strength and Promote Osteogenesis.

Aug , Fabrication, Mechanical Properties, and Biocompatibility of Graphene Reinforced Chitosan Composites The mechanical properties of composite films were tested by nanoindentation method Ultrasensitive biosensors based on long range surface plasmon polariton and dielectric waveguide modes.

Jan , D printed gyroid models such as this one were used to test the strength and mechanical properties of a new lightweight material Photo Melanie Gonick MIT Porous, D forms of graphene developed at MIT can be times as strong as steel but much lighter Watch Video David L Chandler MIT News

Jan , Adhesive bonding offers many advantages over mechanical fastening, but requires certification before it can be incorporated in primary structures for commercial aviation without disbond arrestment features or redundant load paths Surface preparation is widely recognized as the key step to producing

Jul , Such bicontinuous nanocomposites are a new type of structural metamaterial with designed cell topology and mechanical anisotropy Their inherent small length Carbon Nanotube Sponges, Aerogels, and Hierarchical Composites Synthesis, Properties, and Energy Applications Zhiqiang Lin , Zhiping

Oct , Quantitative Fracture Strength and Plasticity Measurements of Lithiated Silicon Nanowires by In Situ TEM Tensile Experiments Akihiro Kushima Mechanics based optimization of yolk shell carbon coated silicon nanoparticle as electrode materials for high capacity lithium ion battery Weiqun Li , Qian

Sep , Melt Processable Shape Memory Hydrogels with Self Healing Ability of High Mechanical Strength Cigdem Bilici, Volkan Can Synergistic Reinforcing Mechanisms in Cellulose Nanofibrils Composite Hydrogels Interfacial Dynamics, Energy Dissipation, and Damage Resistance Jun Yang and Feng Xu.

Sep , Poly(vinyl alcohol) graphene oxide (PVA GO) composites were studied by molecular mechanics and molecular dynamics methods to analyze the effect of GO sheet addition on PVA material The properties of polymer GO composites with different oxidation degrees and dispersion states of GO sheets in a

Jan , The self assembled nanostructures of carbon nanomaterials possess a damage tolerable architecture crucial for the inherent mechanical properties at both micro and macroscopic levels Bone, or natural composite, has been known to have superior energy dissipation and fracture resistance abilities due

Apr , Today, fiber reinforced polymer composites are a standard material in applications where a high stiffness and strength are required at minimal weight, such as aerospace This article provides such insight by analyzing the nanofiber toughening effect on three different levels for several nanofiber types.

May , Synthesis and Properties of a Novel Structural Binder Utilizing the Chemistry of Iron Carbonation systems increase with carbonation duration and the specimens carbonated for days exhibit mechanical properties that are comparable to those of companion ordinary portland cement systems that are most

Sep , Modeling the flexibility of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) requires the computation of mechanical properties from first principles, e.g for screening of materials in a database, for gaining insight into structural transformations, and for force field development However, this paper shows that computations

Sep , To improve the mechanical properties of bone tissue and achieve the desired bone tissue regeneration for orthopedic surgery, newly designed The hierarchical structure and mechanical quality of the n HA GCO PU composite scaffold were determined to be appropriate for the growth of cells and the

Oct , Nanoconfinement of Spider Silk Fibrils Begets Superior Strength, Extensibility, and Toughness Laboratory for Atomistic and Molecular Mechanics, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Composites Science and Technology ,

Nov , High Performance Fibers from Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications in CompositesA Review Manishkumar D Yadav , Kinshuk Dasgupta , Ashwin W Patwardhan , and Jyeshtharaj B Joshi Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research , .

Aug , Bioglass was the first synthetic biomaterial that formed a chemical bond to bone Although bioactive glass scaffolds can mimic bone s porous structure, they are brittle Sol gel derived hybrids could overcome this problem because their nanoscale conetworks of silica and organic polymer have the potential

Apr , Any of the CNC incorporations into the PHEMA matrix improved the original thermal and mechanical properties of this amorphous polymer material Domains of Intercalated Brush Modified Cellulose Nanocrystals and Poly(butadiene) in Cross Linked Composites Based on Thiol ene Click Chemistry.

Mar , Department of Engineering Mechanics and Center for Nano and Micro Mechanics, Tsinghua University, Beijing , China Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Department of Chemistry, and the E Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology, Rice

Oct , Strong Dependence of Mechanical Properties on Fiber Diameter for PolymerNanotube Composite Fibers Differentiating Defect from Orientation Effects For a given nanotube volume fraction, the fiber strength scales as B D.D with the first and second terms representing the defect and

Oct , Cogranulation of Low Rates of Graphene and Graphene Oxide with Macronutrient Fertilizers Remarkably Improves Their Physical Properties Shervin Kabiri , Roslyn Baird , Diana N H Tran , Ivan Andelkovic , Mike J McLaughlin , and Dusan Losic ACS Sustainable Chemistry Engineering (),

Jun , Nanocomposites have d n a great interest in materials science of elastomers in recent years, and tailoring interfacial interactions between fillers and polymer matrix plays a critical role in improving their mechanical properties The synthetic platform of tough and stretchable cellulose