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Jan , Take a look at the following kitchen wood kitchen cabinets below, I spy contemporary clean lines and Scandinavian influences but most of all simplified design Notice the details that make these spaces with wood kitchen cabinets feel fresh ) shaker style or flat contemporary door fronts ) white surfaces

I ve finished painting my kitchen cabinets and to celebrate, I m sharing the entire process with you! The best way Any colder than that and you ll be inside painting cabinet doors on every horizontal surface in your house! We purchased new shaker style doors that are already primed and new hardware except hinges.

Sep , Cabinetry is not only the workhorse of any kitchen or bathroom, but it s also a key design element in those rooms Choosing the right color and style can take your kitchen from sleek modern to classic traditional faster than anything else you put into the space But do you know your crown top from a shaker

Jan , Installing Pie Cut Hinged Doors for Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet Momplex Vanilla Kitchen Submitted by Ana White on Wed, The degree hinge (named for the degree of opening the hinge provides) is placed in the bored holes, And attached with screws to the door Now we are

May , Ikea s Sektion kitchen wall cabinets caught my attention a few times, and I cannot resist playing with them nearly every time I visit the store They offer a version of rest of the cabinetry One way to do that was to construct an appliance garage on an opposing countertop with the same style tambour door.

Apr , Customize your kitchen cabinets the affordable way with crown, edge or other kinds of molding Molding is usually added to coordinate or match with the door style or surrounding motifs Although it Molding at the bottom of the base cabinet doors and above the toe kick is known as a bottom molding.

Nov , This particular design dogma I m talking about today has to do with putting a material, a detail, a style, etc somewhere in your home just to match what you Let s say you have a kitchen island that is new, but you re keeping your dated, older perimeter cabinets and just giving them a lift with a coat of paint.

Nov , Change your cabinets, change your life (or at least the way you feel about your kitchen) Photo by Mark Weinberg I discovered from a quick probe with a screwdriver that the doors pop on and off with just two screws per hinge, with each hinge sitting in a drilled out cup in the door front The trouble was that

Aug , These paneled cabinet and d er fronts go by a couple of different names beadboard, tongue and groove, or v groove most notably but all have recessed lines that run from the top to bottom Their simple geometry comes off as clean, without a lot of fuss and decorative bother, but the detail adds

Dec , Contemporary kitchens Photo courtesy of Anthony Mullan Furniture Inset Often used in more traditional style kitchens, inset cabinet doors are, as the name suggests, inset into the frame, thus allowing for exposed hinges While the cost of attractive, visible hardware often makes this style more costly,

Feb , The newly installed, cut down cabinets to the left of the stove Name Dan Bailey Type of Project Kitchen remodel Location East Boston, Boston, Since I was already ordering custom cabinet doors from Semihandmade, I asked them to send me two inch doors, one for the upper cabinet and one for

Jul , It determines all applicable door panel types, automatically selects all kitchen cabinets, displays their current door style, prompts for a new one, and sets the To identify the door panel types, we post process the results using a generic LINQ Where method checking for element names beginning with the

May , This last shot seemed to be one of the most popular pics in our e zine, so we thought we post it here again Save It shows how Peter and Josette transformed their kitchen cabinets by giving them a facelift with thin strips of wood before painting them What a fantastic way to create a shaker style door, huh

These frames will give us a place to mount the cabinet door hinges and cap the ends of the brick around each door We purchased the same bricks used to build the house and cut off the outer faces using a large wet saw We secure them to the backer board using thin set adhesive approved for outdoor use In this case

Aug , These cabinets in my kitchen have a full overlay style a style where the doors overlay the face frame, making for a clean, simple look with doors butted together showing only a tiny reveal They achieve maximum storage and accessibility with the cabinet These cabinets have Euro hinges and full extension

It also happens to be the cabinet door style we already have going on with our kitchen cabinets shaker style white maple cabinets With that decision made, we had to decide whether the doors would be overlaid or inset Full overlay cabinet doors sit on top of the cabinet frame and cover it completely, like these

May , This is what wood kitchen cabinets look like today Gone are the stained cherry, oak, mahogany carved or raised cabinet door fronts of old The new look for wood cabinets is a modern rustic wood look Non glossy finishes, real wood tones and colors highlighted The reclaimed wood look is in So is the

For the next several weeks, I will be sharing with you ways to update things without replacing or spending a fortune Today we are talking kitchen cabinets! Do you hate yours Instead of ripping out the old and buying new ones, why not update the ones you have Whether you add trim to the doors or paint your cabinets,

Jun , Door Styles Shaker, flat or inset Your cabinet door style is important it may be your biggest kitchen expense, after all but choosing it doesn t have to be stressful See which of these popular cabinet doors fit with your home s style Get the guide Popular Cabinet Door Styles for Kitchens of All Kinds.

Jan , Here s the scoop on IKEA kitchen cabinets, straight from our smart, savvy readers We used dark wood veneer slab fronts on the base cabinets, and white lacquered MDF slab fronts on the uppers (I can t remember the name of I have an Ikea kitchen with akurum cabinet frames and adel fronts doors.