materials for exterior balconies and basements

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Feb , Here is one which stands proudly with little arched windows and its own tile roof The decorative ledges below it are perfect for displaying rustic planters Mediterranean Exterior by Cohn Associates Cohn Associates Balconies These were designed so that you could step out from your room above to

Nov , If you re looking to block an adjacent building but still would like light to pass through a screen, frosted glass can be a highly effective material Ornamental grasses provide light screening from adjacent apartments on this balcony garden in London s Notting Hill neighborhood, and would sway beautifully

See how these Portland, Oregon, homeowners turned an unfinished basement into their personal tiki themed dive bar What material is the flooring Fun room, reminds me of a bar in a small Already had plans to make a small tiki area outside near our ponds to add the waterfall piece (sound) to our tiki world Here s to

Mar , Treat artificial turf like an outdoor rug Yes, it sounds like a design faux pas, but synthetic turf can be a useful material for making a terrace, balcony or small urban garden feel greener Place a square of artificial turf as a soft, grassy mat under an outdoor seating area Plus, artificial turf can be rolled up like a

Dec , Rustic refinement This industrial style basement designed by jodi foster design planning has a few windows for natural light, but it still provides a comfortable media room for the family It also includes a wall of reclaimed wood, which seems to be a popular design material in many basements these days.

Oct , Dark materials on the exterior, especially like this wood, further help a home blend with its surroundings The landscaping wood chips create a soft buffer between the house and natural grasses, while concrete retaining walls peel from the house and hold the back the hillside Exterior Stempel Tesar.

Jul , You know you have seen them and they appear familiar There is an unusual small balcony hanging over the front door with one or two French doors opening onto it from the second level Some of these houses have traditional doors and windows while others have Spanish tile and rustic wood shutters.

Apr , First, the exterior, ground side face of foundation walls will have a waterproofing material installed on it This material should be strong enough to Making sure that these drains are clear is a critical step in making sure water doesn t get into the basement or c l space Other parts of the waterproofing

Apr , The most popular new balconies on Houzz may get you thinking about your own dream outdoor room much adornment is needed when the view looks like this This Southampton, New York, balcony complements that gorgeous vista with natural materials and a pared down palette of wood and white.

Oct , Each apartment in this concrete and glass block in Mexico City features a balcony lined with sliding glass doors that connect it to an indoor living space frame structure, said the architects This semi open terrace allows the user to transform the space in a hybrid condition between interior and exterior .

Jun , From what I remember, balconies terraces outdoor space is supposed to be included (at least in some cities) Agree with the comment on basement square feet not being included being ridiculousthere are basement condos in Georgetown that sell for over a half millionare they zero square feet

Aug , Contemporary Bedroom by GMT Home Designs Inc GMT Home Designs Inc Configure your layout wisely Place the bed against an interior wall in the room Exterior walls change temperature, meaning your bed will be cold in the winter and possibly through summer if your basement is below grade, says

Once the concrete patching material has set, apply a thin layer of concrete resurfacer to the top of the steps Smooth the resurfacer, and add texture with a stiff Danny Lipford This week we re looking at a number of repairs that you may be facing on the outside of your home We ve already looked at concrete driveways,

Mar , A downtown Knoxville basement goes from low ceilinged cave to welcoming guest retreat the modernist style we prefer, Hulsey says Contemporary Exterior by Sanders Pace Architecture The maple guardrail s location and material relate to the downstairs maple storage cabinet Floor Plan Basement

Dec , The tropical treetops seen from this lovely covered balcony repeat in the space, adding greenery to the chic outdoor room Clear railings keep the Gulf of Mexico the power of planters Green plants and the deep wood floor accentuate the otherwise all white space with natural materials Rustic Balcony by

May , And Kelli B used recycled materials for a good looking bike shelf Courtesy of Kelli B Others take advantage of backyard space by Corey F replaced his water heater tank with a tankless version, freeing up precious basement space for bikes! Courtesy of Corey F Former Washington State Transportation

Apr , Craftsman Exterior by Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc Bennett Frank Structural members used in the home, consisting of elements such as beams and headers, are calculated by structural engineers to confirm that the material strength and size can bear the required load Inspectors will be looking

Apr , That turned out to be kismet, as she came across these large format tiles at The Dry Ridge Reuse Center, a local church run shop that sells donated materials as a fundraiser She scored the slate looking ceramic tiles for a square foot, compared with the per square foot a polished concrete floor

Nov , The wood in the fifth floor balcony at Kittredge St started to rot so quickly after its construction that mushrooms later sprouted on the surface, according to the lawsuit Fungal bloom and biologic growth appeared on the balcony s exterior, as well as the balcony a floor below Most significantly

Mar , This project was the biggest challenge of my career, says interior designer Sheila Rich This show house basement had very little natural light, low acoustical tile ceilings, pipes and ducts that hung even lower, electrical wires that had to hang in front of the walls and stone foundation walls that