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Mar , A Russian man eases himself into icy water while his slippers wait on a deck A member of the as the th century In The Arnofini Portrait , Jan Van Eyck included two pairs of pattensthe wooden clogs usually worn over the indoor shoes to protect footwear from the mud and dirt of the outside.

Dec , He stood there, in all this glare of living light, with one hand resting on the wooden slab before him, the other held to his ear, and his head thrust forward to enable him to catch with greater distinctness every word that fell from the presiding judge, who was delivering his charge to the jury At times, he turned

Jan , In some cases, portable buildings have been factory constructed of wood framing without wheels to be hauled to a desired location, to be placed on a concrete slab for use to A roof deck is mechanically fastened over the truss members and a rubber membrane is adhesively secured to the roof deck.

Nov , Our man Ephraim Blackburn was among these daring souls, whose wooden palisade somewhere near the Brazos River was quickly overwhelmed by a Mexican attack Nolan died in the battle, leading the remainder of his men to surrender From there they would embark on a strange years long legal road,

May , On January , , the civilian Kentish, chief of Northern Territory Methodist missions to the aboriginal peoples, had hitched a ride on the HMAS Patricia Cam, a wooden tuna t ler that had been requisitioned as a wartime naval transport The Patricia Cam wasn t running any blockades she was

Dec , Looking for wooden clothes pins, with a metal spring those that will stand the test of time (as a permanent addition to the yard) perhaps they would be gently conditioned to the idea by seeing a nice portable clothes drying rack like this one being used on the patio or deck during the warm months

Jun , When a mom perched her vision impaired year old son on the wooden railing of an observation deck to get a better look at the African painted dogs, an endangered species, at the Pittsburgh Zoo, the boy slipped from her grasp and fell into the enclosure Tragically, he was killed by a pack of the dogs.

May , The ceremony was held on the deck in front of the house overlooking the dam, and the reception was held in giant tipi s on the large horse arena. Of their first dance, Sophie remembers, We chose a slow foxtrot to an acoustic cover of Elvis Presley s Can t Help Falling in Love on a small wooden

These vessels were built by smaller yacht builder yards and had wooden hulls, a large A frame boom that could be extended from the bow to utilize the acoustic mine sweeping unit and specialized mine sweeping equipment on the aft deck including a large wooden spool along the center line to hold cable Although

Nov , Johnson, who converted to Catholicism the week before his death, occupied his last morning writing to a sweetheart in Port Royal, S.C (He sent her some wooden buttons to remember him by, and demanded that she never marry.) While he went mildly, his crime was one of the most cold blooded and

Sep , When at last they reached the raven stone execution platform outside Nuremberg s sturdy walls, Schmidt stretched out his patient and set about methodically smashing his limbs with a heavy wooden Catherine wheel only two limbs in Seuboldt s case, before administering the coup de grace.

The whale spotting boat itself is a standard Thai fishing boat converted to a day tripper vessel, with a rooftop sun deck for scanning the sea s surface and open sides for hanging over the wooden edges to do the same After an hour and a half of heading out, the water became distinctly less populated by fishing detritus and

Feb , A carpenter could be brought up on charges of sabotage if he took some scrap wood home to burn Jozef Zelkowicz, another employee in the Ghetto Archives, wrote about one case where a tailor forgot he d draped a length of of thread over his shoulder for easy access during his work After leaving at the

A photographic history of the South African Railways at the end of the steam era A book writing project of Les Pivnic and Charlie Lewis that captures for future generations the essence of a once magnificent transport network in South Africa the SAR.

Apr , in Texas during the s Actually, a high wooden palisade shielded Hornsby from public view of the flower strewing masses A Mrs Bennett Smith of Temple, Texas, who helped lead the clemency campaign did offer to stand on the scaffold with Hornsby, but Hornsby seems to have declined the favor.

Nov , Kava bowls are sturdy, round wooden bowls made of varying sizes, and have many short legs around them Kava, a ground natural extract from the The double war canoe, or alia, built with a deck joining two large canoes together, could hold or more men The last alia to float in Samoan waters is

Aug , After it fell apart, the structure was dismantled but in the English naturalist Walter Trevelyan, now landlord of the site, had a replica erected with a wooden mannequin That figure was in its turn stolen, and over the years only the oft stolen and replaced wooden head has remained even the gallows

Jan , Abraham had been sleepwalking again, and had clubbed her with a three foot wooden stake, and he thought he d killed her This time Chauncey didn t give Prescott the benefit of doubt The eighteen year old found himself jailed and charged with capital murder Abraham Prescott s lawyer went for the

Oct , The mob easily broke open the outer wooden door, but the next door was barred Jailer George Mahrt was awakened by the noise and mistakenly opened the barred inner door just as the lynch mob had broken through the outer door Once inside the building, the men forced Mahrt to hand over his keys,

Sep , An estimated two thousand people turned up to watch him pay for his crime, and for their comfort and entertainment the authorities had wooden grandstands erected on three sides of the scaffolding, uniformed militia to be deployed around the scaffolding as a guard of honor, a military band to serenade

This plan too fell through, and the boilers were eventually brought to Yokohama on the wooden motor ship Alabama The dimensions are feet between perpendiculars, feet breadth molded, and feet inches depth to shelter deck, with a speed of knots [Ed they were later known to make knots].

Feb , I was able to sit out on my back deck, the weather was so nice Something about these sandwiches, reminds me of summer Can t believe March is here Winter is flying by! I have fishing and garden fever The wild onions are sprouting up around the farm and I saw my first robin today Hope everyone is

Aug , Just a few months before Maggie Thompson s murder, Lena had repeatedly slammed Otto s head into a wooden door It speaks volumes of the difference between that century and this one that nobody who heard Lena s testimony seemed to think this was in any way excessive, never mind cruel on the

Aug , Hawaii Storyboard Wood Carvings by Tevita Kunato Here are a few pieces that I have carved over the years I am very much a product of multiple very different areas of the World, Papua New Guinea, where I was born and raised, to Australia, my citizenship, to the United States, my home My work reflects

Sep , The tebah (ark) was made from gopher wood, it had nests inside, and it was covered with a pitch like substance inside and out It was cubits long, cubits wide, and cubits high It had a noon light that ended a cubit upward and above, it had a door in the side, and there were three decks (For the