sloping garden with decking

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, Another view of the garden shows how the slope descends toward the water with more boulders used as stone steps down to the beach elements of the backyard stand out in contrast, such as the turquoise of the pool tile, the warm brown of the decking and the white flowers of the Japanese anemone.

, This favorite garden proves that with a creative design, even an oddly shaped, sloping lot has enormous potential Working with the London backyard s natural Dark decking, river rocks and black mondo grass give a chic, moody look to this London backyard We ve seen black being used in exterior

Mar , House in Caxias by António Costa Lima Arquitectos The slope of a long and narrow plot inspired the genesis of the concept of property, a volumetric assimilation of the house as part of outer space, said the architects The house is the garden itself on its outer surface House in Caxias by António Costa

, The designer of this urban garden made the most of its sloped lot by splitting the area into two distinct areas one for outdoor dining and the other for relaxing by a fire pit The built in Here, the horizontal lines of the house siding are echoed in the detached cottage s window frame and decking A color

, In case you doesn t live in suburbs but want a beautiful garden don t worry We ve gathered lots of small urban garden design ideas for your inspiration Small Urban Gardens Don t worry if your urban backyard is on sloping slope With careful planing and landscaping it could look even more awesome

, In this terraced garden in Eugene, Oregon, a recycled stock tank brimming with water lilies becomes a bright, reflective focal point of the garden viewed from the deck Contemporary Patio by Growsgreen Landscape Design Growsgreen Landscape Design Carve out shapes with hardscaping Look for

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, His back yard has a bit of a slope, and it would take too much concrete to pour a slab (read how to pour a concrete shed foundation here) For that reason, we This article is a step by step guide for how we built it, and if you ve read our article for building a deck, you ll see some similarities Editors update

, On this deck, cleverly designed built in planters provide privacy and a place for plants to thrive, and they serve as walls Where they are cantilevered, lighting underneath provides a pleasant glow at night You don t have to be a Million Dollar Listing New York client to achieve a deck like this these ideas

, If you have the opportunity to open up the back of your home full width onto the garden and you use materials cleverly, you will help make your sloping garden feel more manageable By extending the indoor flooring to marry up with the decking outside, and then continuing the wood feel by using railroad

, When your soil is terrible anddouble whammyyou re gardening on a slope, anything good you add to the ground is soon washed away When I finally built some simple boxes, everything changed I could add good compost right where the plants needed it, it all stayed in place, and the garden began to

, What is the best wood to choose for raised garden beds Which wood Every garden has challenges and raised beds can resolve many of them But what kind If you want to use this stuff, be sure to do your homework first so you re certain it s safe for your food garden not just fence posts and decks Also

, Walking down any street in any suburban neighborhood, you can get the pulse of what s fashionable in the garden Seeing home after home, you can note how acres of treated lawns blanket landscapes and oddly sheared evergreen shrubs skirt houses I can only think anyone interested in design should

, I went with a fairly monochromatic color scheme to make the space seem more harmonious and built up, Sifford says He stained the concrete patio a medium gray, and used Mexican beach pebbles to conceal conceal the yard s slope and frame the patio Potted Japanese maples flank the water feature